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Technical analysis and trading strategies for QQQ Nasdaq 100 Index shares tracking stock qqq ETF

Nasdaq 100 Index Shares (Symbol: QQQ)

QQQ trade on the AMEX (AMEX: QQQ).

The Nasdaq 100 Shares (QQQ), an index tracking stock - is the first financial product created by the new Nasdaq-Amex Market Group. Now for the first time, the stocks of the Nasdaq-100 Index are trading as one equity, opening the door to innovative and exciting investment opportunities. Quote for Qubes: QQQ

Trading QQQ:

  • With Nasdaq 100 index shares, you can buy or sell shares in the collective performance of the Nasdaq-100 Index in a single transaction - just as you buy or sell shares of individual stocks, but market timing becomes easier. It's a one-investment portfolio that gives you ownership in the 100 stocks of the Nasdaq-100 Index.
  • Nasdaq-100 Shares trade like stock, you can buy them on margin, sell short or hold your shares for the long term.
  • The Trust is designed to closely track the price and yield performance of the Index - so you can expect your Nasdaq-100 Shares to move up or down in value when the Index moves up or down.
  • Even though they've only been around since March 1999, Qubes are so popular, their daily trading volume rivals the companies on the New York Stock Exchange. (Today, only three companies on the Big Board traded more briskly.)


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